Frequent Asked Questions


1 adult for every 10 participants. In each trip or camp a doctor accompanies us to support the participants in case of illness or to follow up on some treatment that the minor was taking before making their trip. 

2 minors per room. Our staff will never stay in the same room with minors, adults always have their own room and are adjacent to the rooms of all participants. Participants of the same age and gender are accommodated.

 In hotels of excellent quality, which allow all participants to be in a healthy, comfortable and safe environment. 

Meals are included in all trips, except in some visits such as theme parks or places to visit where it is not possible to coordinate meals, in which case the participant can buy his/her meal within the venue being visited. It is recommended to ask one of our Advisors about the meals that are included in the trip of your choice.

 When the tours, excursions and visits are carried out, the groups are divided into small groups of 10-15 participants and 2 adults will be assigned to each group. Participants will be accompanied by an adult in all the activities that the program includes. Attendance is verified when they leave the hotel, during the various activities and when they return to the hotel from each excursion. We are very strict in our security controls.

In case of Latin Americans, it is necessary the American VISA and have a valid Passport (with an expiration date of more than 6 months from the date on which the trip or camp will take place). For participants from the European Community an American VISA is not required. To enter Canada for most of the countries will be required to process the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) format. In the case of American visas, WTA will be able to assist you in this process, with a service fee of $ 50.00 USD and it is optional to use this service of the agency. WTA cannot guarantee Americana VISA will be approved.

No, since it is an academic trip in which only minors and chaperones participate. In addition, the trip serves for the development and emotional growth of the minor, allowing them to reinforce her self-esteem, security and confidence.

No. All payments have to be processed through wired transfers to Bank of America or via PayPal through our digital payment platform.

Yes. A discount of $100 USD will be applied for payments in a single exhibition. In the same way, a discount of $100 USD will be applied if two brothers or more are traveling in the same group, regardless of whether they pay it in a single exhibition or according to a proposed payment schedule. 

A recommended amount would be $150 USD per week but there is no cap, and it will depend on each family budget.  

Preferably NO. If parents decide that the minors can bring a phone, it would be under their own responsibility, since the company will not be responsible for any possible damage, loss or theft.

Yes. All our Staff will be taking pictures of the different activities and later at night or during the next morning they will be sharing photos by private chat or through our platform.

You will be able to contact us via WhatsApp at all times, as well we will provide hotel phone number, as well as the room number in which the minor is located, so you will be able to call them at night. You will be informed via WhatsApp as soon as your child arrives to their room.

The price of the Program does not include airfares, since it is optional service. You will be able to request this service through the Agency. If you need to include flights, it will be necessary to contact one of our Advisors.

No. The participant must have an International´s coverage Medical Insurance at the time of travel. In case of not having it, there are some options that can be offered for the duration of the trip, where one of our Advisors could provide you with some alternatives depending on your budget.

Yes. Upon arrival to the hotel, all Passports and Visas will be collected, documents that will be kept in safe boxes provided by the hotel. All Passports and Visas will be returned at the end of the trip or camp for their return.

Yes. Before making the first payment or transfer of the trip or camp, a Service Agreement must be electronic signed within the company's platform, accepting its terms and conditions.

The client will be able to request a payment invoice issued by the American company that will be providing the service. 

Yes. All of our staff is bilingual (both English and Spanish) so they will be assisting our participants to guarantee a full understanding of the program they are studying.