¿Qué es la metodología STEAM?

It is a worldwide pedagogical movement adapted by schools and educational institutions around the world, introducing this methodology in their pedagogical models. STEAM provides a multidisciplinary vision during learning, allowing students to forge their creativity from a technological, scientific, artistic and mathematical perspective, resulting in adults who think "outside the box" through intellectual tools that will allow them to innovate processes, create revolutionary ideas and maintain a deep analysis of the environment that surrounds them.


In response to this evolution in educational systems, WORLD TRAVEL ACADEMY incorporates this philosophy in each of its programs, as well as promoting the physical and mental development of participants, for which it has also introduced sports programs as part of its offer to cover the expectations of parents, students and teachers.

Thanks to this, WORLD TRAVEL ACADEMY is the most comprehensive company for educational and sports trips, incorporating as an added value the practice and reinforcement of a new language.

At WORLD TRAVEL ACADEMY we promote values among our participants, such as:

1. Leadership: work hard, inspire and make history.

2. Trust: giving is receiving.

3. Maturity: learn, correct and sustain

4. Assertiveness: congruence between behavior, thought and word.

5. Teamwork: together we are stronger.

6. Quality: do not settle and seek excellence

7. Passion: unwavering commitment to heart and mind

8. Attitude of service: ability and interest to be empathetic.