WORLD TRAVEL ACADEMY  is a firm created with the purpose of promoting and supporting education through different educational trips abroad. 

We offer a wide variety of options ranging from educational programs based on the  STEAM teaching methodology, to sports camps and group trips to meet and live unique experiences, pursuing to satisfy the desires of thousands of enthusiastic participants who want to complement their studies in another country.

WORLD TRAVEL ACADEMY manages to open the walls of school classrooms, transforming them into vast horizons to explore. In such a way that, if you are looking for an educational travel option oriented by ideals, excellence and principles integrated into an educational philosophy, without a doubt, we are the best choice.

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The world is out there and the best way to experience it is by traveling.

We could start by saying that we are more than a foreign travel agency that WORLD TRAVEL ACADEMY is the door to an immense world of possibilities, experiences and personal development that can only be experienced by traveling.

Here, all of our travelers learn to see and experience the world from a perspective that only our educational programs, camps, summer courses and the life experience that each of our programs involves can offer.

Offer your children the best memories of their childhood and the perfect tools to inhabit the world that awaits them with open arms. Remember that the journey begins as soon as you decide to push them.


All the educational programs that we offer at WORLD TRAVEL ACADEMY are perfectly planned, with precise references on courses, academic, sporting and cultural events, as well as excursions, places to visit and other activities, which certainly makes a unique experience!