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It is a unique program designed for children and young people from all over the world, who wish to participate in this exciting event.

UK CUP promotes teamwork through its passion for soccer. Respect, confidence and self-esteem help players to develop their physical and emotional potential by developing their leadership skills.

For soccer schools and academies from different latitudes, it is a great opportunity for their students to live a memorable academic experience in their school and formative stage. By traveling with their companions and friends, they will be able to learn about the customs, traditions, history and culture of another country, while at the same time practice and improve the English language and getting certified by “The British Council”.

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In the same way, sports are encouraged and promoted, while strengthening ties of friendship with other international students. At the end of their training, all participants will be certified by the “AFA” (Academy Football Association). 












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Specifications for Uk Cup

Ages 9 - 11 years or 12 - 14 years or 15 - 18 years

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