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TOP GUN is more than a program, it is a tool that reinforces learning, by motivating students to think and use their cognitive abilities to solve and deal with problems they will be facing in the future.

Since of its high academic value and because it is based on  STEAM methodology of learning, which by its acronym means: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics; many educational institutions and parents want to participate, as their main interest is supporting the intellectual growth of children and young people.

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TOP GUN  allows its participants to learn and work as a team, use their critical thinking and exploit their leadership.

 We are extremely proud to motivate young minds to fly higher and higher, so they can achieve their dreams, inspired by our program.

Ages: 10 - 18 years 









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Ages 9 - 11 years or 12 - 14 years or 15 - 18 years

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