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BETTER THAN AVERAGE is a unique and practical entrepreneurship program, where the participant will be able to develop their skills and apply the necessary tools to start a new project or business model.

Without a doubt, BETTER THAN AVERAGE is a program that prepares students in the development of a new endeavor that will lead them to be successful in the future. With BETTER THAN AVERAGE, participants will not only learn skills to create a company, but also to promote and innovate in corporations and projects with high social impact.

 More than 400 programs have been taught on 6 continents, with the support of 200 universities. 39 companies have been created through the BETTER THAN AVERAGE program, thanks to the acceptance of prestigious incubators.

Make your child part of the BETTER THAN AVERAGE community, which has more than 12,000 alumni from more than 35 participating countries.

We are sure BETTER THAN AVERAGE will be a great investment that as a parent you will never regret.

Ages: from 15 years onwards.












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Ages 15 - 18 years or University

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