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SPACE ACADEMY CAMP is an educational and academic program that goes beyond traditional teaching methods so that, based on the  STEAM  methodology, learning is reinforced, motivating participants to think and use their cognitive abilities to solve and cope problems they will be facing in the future.

Participants are introduced to the vast history of NASA and its achievements in space race exploration. It is oriented to upper elementary, middle and high school students through carefully designed and directed activities towards the fields of aerospace and aeronautical engineering, as well as robotics, systems and astro-biological research. 

SPACE ACADEMY CAMP is a program that has been in great demand and acceptance by educational institutions and parents. As it is a highly requested program, we recommend that those interested request the support of one of our international educational advisors.

SPACE ACADEMY CAMP, has been cataloged within our educational trips under the  STEAM methodology, as one of the trips that supports your child or student early to guide them to careers in which they discover their vocation.  

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Specifications for Kennedy Space Center

Ages 9 - 11 years or 12 - 14 years or 15 - 18 years
Program Robótica or Rocketry or Investigación Espacial
Location Kennedy Space Center, Cabo Cañaveral, FL

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